It is created by Deniz Tekstil by assimilating its experience of exporting to 20 different countries from all continents with its own brand called Seasoul which is the soul of the company.
Seasoul gives the chance of feeling different, chic and confortable when even wearing pajamas, underwear and home wear.
Seasoul is after;
endless creativity,
happiness in and out of you.
belief in progress,
giving confort of natural fibre,
good Quality,
Seasouls main value,
respect to human being
respect to environment.

Seasoul works as professionals with patient believing that there is no impossible. Seasoul targets to share the happiness of people makes its creations using its own yarn, knitting, embroidery, printing facilities.

Seasoul has being sold in 800 points, supporting 1000 workers and its aim is to be one of the leading on its sector and give opportunity to even more.